Ministry of IT & Telecom through Universal Service Fund is running ‘ICT for Girls’ programme since 2015 to bridge the gender digital divide which is paving the way for socio economic uplift of this very important segment of our society. USF is running two different projects under ICT for Girls programme. The first project is in Women Empowerment Centers of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and the second project is running in all girl schools of Federal Directorate of Education.
The primary purpose of the programme is to provide ICT facilities to increase the employability potential of the girls in Pakistan, so that they are financially empowered to take care of their families and themselves. In collaboration with Microsoft, trainers have been trained on 21st century super skills focusing on coding, computing, coaching and communication.
In the first project, 144 ICT facilities have been established at Women Empowerment Centers of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal which are devoted to capacity building of needy and poor women all across the country. Through this programme, over 15,000 girls will be trained annually at state of the art facilities.
In the second project, 226 Girl Schools of Federal Directorate of Education have been provided with state of the art ICT facilities. 202 teachers have been placed at these institutions and 110,000 girl students will benefit annually from this programme.