Federal Minister Message

Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan

Federal Minister For Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication

Women are an integral part of any society and an educated woman does not only benefit herself through education but also nurtures the whole family especially her children through her knowledge. In today’s world, ICTs are seen by women as catalysts to enhance their economic empowerment in terms of earning authority and position. In such a scenario, I am really glad that we have fulfilled the dreams of girls of Pakistan through the ICT for Girls Programme. This project has facilitated female students through establishment of ICT labs at Women Empowerment Centres of Paksitan Baitulmal and girls schools of Federal Directorate of Education. The objective of these projects is to provide ICT facilities to bridge the gender digital divide in the country and make these girls financially independent. Microsoft has collaborated to train the trainers on 21st century super skills comprising coding, computing, coaching and communication. It is really satisfying that this Programme has enabled these girls to earn a living and their hands have become from a begging hand to a giving one. I am sure that empowering these females will lead to a prosperous Pakistan with equal opportunities for all.